4 Essential Tire Tips Before Your Summer Road Trip

Posted by Ken Coltrane on Apr 30, 2019 9:08:48 AM

As the weather warms, finally, thoughts are turning to that great American tradition of summer road trips.

To make sure your trip does not go flat, follow these simple tire maintenance tips:

Heat is Enemy #1

Tires can overheat from being underinflated, overloaded, or driven at higher speeds. Factor in hot summer temperatures with scorching road surfaces, and there’s a chance a tire could overheat and fail, leaving you on the side of the road instead of enjoying the rides at Walley World!

Check pressure to the prescribed level when the tires are at same temperature as their surroundings, typically after they’ve been parked for more than three hours. Read this earlier blog post on tire pressure maintenance.

 tire inflation photo

overloaded car-1Don’t Overload

A common practice to judge cargo capability is to see what fits. Not a good idea. This can lead to overloading the vehicle and tires. Refer to the tire information placard, which provides the allowable weight of all occupants and cargo combined. You might be surprised to learn that many vehicles are considered loaded to capacity with just a few adults, without anything in the trunk or cargo area. Read this earlier blog post on how to assess your vehicle's tire load capacity.

Don’t Forget the Spare

It’s often overlooked, but you should check your spare tire (if your vehicle has one of course) periodically, but especially before long-distance trips.

Enough Tread for Stormy WeatherVehicle in Wisconsin flooding

Worn tires have reduced wet grip and are prone to hydroplaning. Make sure you inspect the treads. Tires are worn out when they reach a tread depth of about 2/32 inch. You can also look for treadwear bars at the bottom of major grooves that will appear flush with the groove to indicate the tire is worn out. Read this earlier blog post on tread depth and wet traction.

From all of us at Duraturn, we encourage you to pay attention to these tire safety tips and treat yourself to a fabulous road trip this summer.

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