What Do Tire Speed Ratings Really Mean?

Posted by Ken Coltrane on Jan 3, 2019 12:47:35 PM

U.S. consumers are turning increasingly to higher speed-rated tires.

 In passenger tires, for instance, buyers are shifting to H-rated (130 mph) and V-rated speed rating chart(149 mph) tires from T-rated tires (up to 118 mph).

One big driver of this trend is that automakers are fitting their increasingly-sophisticated vehicles with higher speed-rated tires.

Speed ratings are the product of laboratory testing utilizing industry standards – with simulated speeds and loads. To receive any kind of rating, a tire must demonstrate that it’s capable of sustaining a particular speed. 

Duraturn dealers regularly get questions from their customers like – “Why do I need a tire rated for up to 149 mph when I never plan to go that fast?”

The answer is . . . tires with higher speed ratings offer handling benefits that match the performance of the vehicle. They're made with softer rubber compounds and stiffer construction that offer better cornering, stopping power and steering response.

But there are trade-offs. You can expect a little less ride comfort with the stiffer construction and shorter tread life with the softer compounds.

Duraturn Mozzo Sport Duraturn engineers are continually working on reducing these trade-offs. Many consumers may be surprised to learn that tires receive a similar level of research and development efforts as smart phones!

Take our Mozzo Sport ultra-high performance tire (available in 40 sizes with W or Y speed ratings) for example. Advanced noise reduction technology contributes to a quiet ride, while double nylon spiral wrap technology resists heat build-up and maintains uniformity for a smooth ride. It is backed by a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty, which is very good for an ultra high performance tire.

When it comes time to replace your tires, do not reduce the speed rating because you will be hampering the optimum performance of your vehicle.

However, you can certainly consider another brand tire with the same speed rating. More and more American drivers are discovering that Duraturn tires provide a good balance of performance, tread wear and price.

Your trusted local tire dealer can provide excellent advice on the best tires for you, your vehicle and your budget.

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