Northwest Tire: 40 Years and Going Strong!

Posted by Bob Stewart on Aug 10, 2017 11:15:28 AM

Tony Vetter and Al Wald, both raised in North Dakota, bought a tire store in Dickinson in 1977 and then another one in Bowman. Both men had a background in tires and a penchant for hard work.

Northwest Tire is celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary this year by honoring the legacy of its two founders, the dedication of its employees, and the loyalty of its customers over four decades. Celebration activities include public appearances by a tricked out Hummer pulling a wagon on special "40th Anniversary" Duraturn tires.

northwest hummer.jpg 

It has become the largest tire dealer in North Dakota, with 15 retail locations, four warehouses and a shop supply store (Mighty Auto Parts). A 5th retail store in the Bismarck-Mandan area will be opening soon.

We at Duraturn Tire congratulate Northwest Tire on their 40th anniversary and are proud that the company aggressively promotes Duraturn to their customers.

According to Northwest Tire President Dan Pearson:

“Duraturn tires are a good fit for our company. They offer a quality tire at an affordable price. When you purchase a Duraturn tire you get name brand quality without paying the name brand price, which makes them very economical and a good choice for many of our customers.”

Being in business for 40 years is no small feat, and there’s no question that Northwest Tire logo.jpgNorthwest Tire’s corporate culture of taking great care of their customers has played a huge role.

The company’s commitment to its 250 employees has also been very important. “We make sure our employees have the training and knowledge they need to perform at a top notch level in the tire industry,” Pearson noted.

Duraturn_Travia_HT.jpgAll of their store managers, including Pearson who joined the company in 1978, worked their way up from the shop. That also includes Vice President Kory Grossman who joined the team almost 20 years ago.

Northwest Tire carries more than 950 tire sizes and many quality brands, including Duraturn of course! They sell everything from garden tractor tires to tires for very large combines.

People, products and locations have combined to make Northwest Tire the largest tire dealer in North Dakota. We wish them much more success in the years ahead!

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