Duraturn Tires Aid Disaster Response in Wisconsin

Posted by Ken Coltrane on Sep 18, 2018 10:25:05 AM

My name is James Baugh and I am a storm chaser . . . as well as the founder and lead forecaster of Storm Tech, a disaster response and education group based in Chicago.

I'm also a Duraturn Tire ambassador and guest blogger.James Baugh

Wisconsin Flood Response

Our disaster response escapades took us back to Southern Wisconsin last month for flooding response. What was expected to be a severe storm event, ended up only yielding a few severe storm reports. Rather, heavy rain blanketed much of the area and dumped as much as 15" of rain in under 24 hours.

Wisconsin mapThe highest flooding was in the dark blue areas but rising water was possible in the purple and green areas as well (see map). With more than 1,000 homes in the risk area for flooding, a response needed to come quick and we needed the right equipment to do it.

Driving up to Madison in heavy rain, pushing the speed limit to get there in time, meant that we needed the proper tire to stay on the road.

Duraturn gave us this added degree of safety due to the increased traction of their Travia A/T tire and its ability to handle traction both off-road and on road; and in this case, water-covered roads.

Vehicle in Wisconsin flooding

As sandbagging operations persisted, we found ourselves unable to keep up with the rising water in some places and eventually had to bail out.

While we strongly recommend not to drive through water due to the possible mechanical hazards to a vehicle, in this case, it was a last ditch effort to avoid being overcome.

Again Duraturn came through and gave us the traction as well as the wheel height toTravia AT - left view keep vital engine components just above the water and get out to safety.

We look forward to being called upon again for the next response, but until then, we will continue to ready our equipment and ensure that we can rapidly respond when needed.

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