Duraturn Casing Warranty Extended to 6 and 2

Posted by Ken Coltrane on Nov 26, 2018 4:05:02 PM

The casing warranty on Duraturn TBR (truck and bus radial) tires is being extended to six years and two retreads. It was previously five years and one retread.

Duraturn TBR tires have been successfully sold for a number of years in North Duraturn DD10America and have earned a strong reputation for quality with fleets and owner operators. We are pleased to improve upon our warranty offering so that it better reflects the quality reputation of Duraturn TBR tires.

The Duraturn TBR line-up includes 17 products for line haul, regional and mixed service applications.

One of the most popular is the SmartWay-verified DD10 drive tire (pictured to the right), featuring an innovative open shoulder tread design that provides outstanding traction.  The 25/32” original tread depth provides excellent mileage.

More and more fleets and owner operators are discovering that Duraturn commercial truck tires are really good quality and provide an extremely competitive cost per mile. We encourage you to give us a try, and click on the banner below if you would like to be contacted about Duraturn.

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